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Top Analytica’s 4th Microscopy & Microanalysis Workshop

keskiviikko 15/11/2023   klo   09:00 perjantai 17/11/2023   klo   17:00

We are thrilled to invite you to Top Analytica’s 4th Microscopy and Microanalysis Workshop 2023. The event will take place by the beautiful Aura River at Radisson Blu Marina Palace from November 15th to 17th, 2023.

Knowledge and Networking

Our seminar is not only focused on the latest scientific achievements but, above all, on how we can practically apply these advancements. We will discuss how equipment and method development open doors to new opportunities in various industries.
The event will bring together experts in microscopy and microanalysis from around the world. Join us to learn, exchange ideas, and create new connections!
Whether you are seeking answers to specific challenges or want to discover new ways to work more efficiently, the workshop offers solutions and inspiration. You may find the detailed event program attached.

Ready to Join?

Registration is open, and you can conveniently sign up as a participant through the link below:

Register Here by Oct 30th

Join us and fellow professionals in the field to take a step toward new opportunities and professional development.
We look forward to meeting you in November!

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