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Asbestos analysis

We provide fast, reliable and impartial electron microscopic asbestos analyzer material, dust and air samples. With our help you can easily order analytics for other harmful substances.

We serve both construction professionals and private households. Learn more about asbestos for your needs.

Sampling instructions:

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  1. Please read the instruction and prepare yourself accordinly
  2. Take the sample you want to be analyzed
  3. Bring/Send you sample to Top Analytica
  4. Results are delivered to you in 1 working day by email

Download full instructions (in finnish) (PDF)

Order form (in finnish) (Word)


Purpose of the sampling guide is to a have:

  • Reliable sampling
  • Safe hanling
  • Clear markings

Necessary tools:

  • Minigrip-bags (or similar)
  • Punch / good pen for labeling
  • Knife, chisel, scissors etc.

asbesti välineet näytteenotto

Taking a sample

  1. Remove a sample from your target location and pack it into a Minigrip bag
  2. Mark the bag clearly on the side
  3. Pack each sample seperately in its own bag
  4. Fill out the order form and make sure that the sample identifiers for all the samples are correctly recored
  5. Send / bring your samples to Top Analytica

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Sample delivery and results

  • You may bring you samples directly to Top Analytica


  • You may send your samples to Top Analytica by mail


Top Analytica Oy, Ruukinkatu 4, 20540 Turku

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Reporting the results

  • The results will be given in writing to your desired email address
  • Upon request we will also notify you directly by telephone

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Our laboratory complies with the international ISO / IEC 17025 quality system and we monitor quality through both internal and external audits. We are FINAS accredited laboratory for asbestos material and dust analysis. We perform also asbestos tests for air samples and are currently accrediting our services in that regard also. You can be assured that you will get qualified professional services from highly trained lab professionals. Read more of our accredited status from FINAS

Top Analytica is voluntarily involved in the regularly organized AIMS – Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS) -testing rounds organized by the Laboratory of Health and Safety of the United Kingdom. After the last reference round R64 (February 2018), the number of cumulative error points in our laboratory was 0 and our rating is so good. (Results here ->)

General information about asbestos

The legislative amendment that entered into force from the beginning of 2016 has caused ambiguities both for private individuals, property managers and construction professionals, as the legislation is interpretative and the factual information is limited. That is why we have collected useful information on the use, history, benefits and disadvantages of asbestos and the law.

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