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Pharmaceutical industry


Materials used in healthcare equipment must be of a qualitatively correct, reliable and responsive regulatory nature. For example, contaminations and qualitative differences in plastic parts can be determined with the FTIR instrument. Utilizing library databases, different plastic grades can be quickly and reliably mapped. Top Analytica Oy’s ISO / IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality System also ensures that the analytical work is reliable and appropriate.

Problems during manufacturing, such as oils and burnt material residues and metals, which have shifted to products in the pharmaceutical industry, are often limited in number, but it is of paramount importance for the quality and safety of the product to detect and find their primary source. To reduce production losses, this must happen quickly. Small amounts of contamination can be seen, for example, by Raman and SEM-EDS instrumentation. Both elemental mapping and determination of the distributions of contaminants and active components of the drugs play an important role in this in microanalysis.

The sealing points of the packaging material may also be a bottleneck for product purity from the store to the consumer. Surface-sensitive analytical devices can be used to determine adhesion problems for adhesive surfaces, for example.

At Top Analytica Oy we can also investigate the behavior of liquids on different material surfaces, which is useful for example. When it is desired to look at the application of the applied liquid over the membranes and the coatings. 

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