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Other analytical methods

Color meter

Minolta Spectrophotometer

Minolta Spectrophotometer CM3600d color measurement apparatus works within the range of visible light 360 – 740 cm-1. Samples that can be measured are solid, flat, powders or crystals and liquids. Liquid samples are measured as a transmittance measurement.

Method: A white shadowless light is directed into the sample. The light reflected from the sample is detected. Every wavelength of light stands for a specific color. The color differencies between samples may be measured by using a color coordinate, consisting of black-white (delta L), red-green (delta a) and yellow-blue (delta b) coordinates.

  • Color scale CIEL*a*b*
  • Primary illuminant D65 (4 xenon lamps)
  • Measuring geometry D/8
  • Observer 10°
  • Measurements with and without gloss
  • Three sizes of measuring openings

Gloss meter

Kannettava Erichsen Picogloss 503

Portable Erichsen Picogloss 503, a 3 different simultanious angle gloss meter. Three angles 20, 60 ja 85 degrees can be simultaniously measured.



The traditional tool to measure pH-levels

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