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Project and Expert Collaboration

Need assistance with your research project? Get in touch and explore our team of experts. Together with Top Analytica, you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Our team consists of physicists and chemists with decades of experience in various tasks and projects in both the corporate and academic worlds. A significant advantage is our extensive equipment pool under one roof, ensuring versatile and prompt service for the client. Our services are tailored to the client’s needs. All projects and assignments are carried out confidentially and reliably. Top Analytica has been involved in developing Finnish cutting-edge technology for the global market.


  • University of Jyväskylä: Sample preparation for HIM by Broad Ion Beam Cross Sectioning
  • SSAB: Effect of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Surface Chemistry and Morphology on Titanium Hexafluoride Pretreatment Cross-sectional high-resolution microscopy of thin pretreatment layers on hot dip galvanized steel

Legal Consultation Service

In legal proceedings, scientific evidence regarding the composition of materials, traces, or possible forgeries is often required. Surface analysis and materials research can provide crucial evidence that may influence the assessment process.

You can leverage the expertise and experience of our experts in materials research and surface analysis related to legal proceedings. We ensure that the samples presented in court are carefully analyzed, and the results are interpreted reliably and impartially.

Device Leasing

Have you considered acquiring a new device for your company? Do you want to ensure that your company’s analytical needs and equipment performance align?

Often, we are sold the latest cutting-edge instrument, whose performance exceeds the requirements for years to come. However, as the equipment ages, updates are needed, and the final cost, considering usage requirements, may unexpectedly rise. What aspects of the equipment should be considered in the contract before making a purchase decision?

You can consult with us on equipment acquisitions and even test certain devices before making a purchase decision. Costs may be significantly lower, also utilizing leasing agreements. Your company has the opportunity to train its experts in the use of equipment provided by Top Analytica Oy, thus further minimizing costs. Top Analytica takes care of the device, and in case of any issues, the operator can easily seek assistance from our experts, who already have years of experience in equipment usage and handling various samples. You are left with conducting analyses. The situation is optimal when the need for analysis is consistently sporadic, such as in product development. The device can be reserved in advance on our website and canceled free of charge if the timing is not suitable for some reason.

Device Usage Network

Through us, it is possible to access numerous different devices through our subcontractor network. We are in close collaboration with universities in the Turku area, among others. The goal is to achieve the highest possible utilization rate for the equipment pool, which benefits all parties economically and scientifically. It is typical for expensive equipment to have low utilization rates, which is why investing in one’s own equipment is not always profitable.

Subcontractors’ equipment pool: TEM, COM, AFM, XRD, HIM, TG/DT/PT/DSC, Py-GC-MS, ICP-MS/AES

Seminars, training, and events

We organize our own seminars and training sessions related to our research services. Check out our training offerings here. You can also invite us to your own event.

Upcoming events:

Tulevat tapahtumat

  • 5th Workshop on Microscopy and Microanalysis by Top Analytica in 2025

Previous events:

  • 4th Workshop on Microscopy and Microanalysis by Top Analytica on November 15-17, 2023
  • 3rd Workshop on Microscopy and Microanalysis by Top Analytica in 2021 (Top Analytica 20 years!)
  • 2nd Workshop on Microscopy and Microanalysis in Turku on March 18-20, 2019, organized by Top Analytica
  • Workshop on Microscopy and Microanalysis in Turku on September 26-27
  • University of Turku Business Days (2017, 2016)
  • XPS/Multipak Software Workshop (2014)
  • Top Analytica – Ship Seminar (August 27, 2013)

Students and school groups

Organize your own excursion to support university postgraduate studies or bring high school students to do practical work in a real laboratory. A real working environment and experts together broaden young people’s understanding of laboratory work and provide meaningfulness for further studies.

Top Analytica is also an excellent place to inquire about possible topics or projects related to graduation work. We collaborate extensively with various companies and universities, so collaboration with, for example, a thesis writer can be very fruitful.

Functional visits are suitable for:

  • Student groups
  • School groups
  • Science camp participants

Theses at Top Analytica:

  • Master’s thesis — Nguyen, Thao (University of Turku 2021), Detection and quantification of silica dust in filtered air samples
  • Master’s thesis — Manni, Jere (University of Turku 2012), The use of unfocused ion beam in microanalytical sample processing
  • Master’s thesis — Näsi, Casimir (Åbo Akademi University 2018), Identification of asbestos in construction materials
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