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Project managing and research co-operation

Do you need help with your research project? Contact us and check out our expert team. Together with Top Analytica you can reach your goals faster and more efficiently. Our group consists of physicists and chemists who have decades of experience in a wide range of research assignments and projects in the corporate and university world. The big advantage is a wide range of equipment under the same roof, ensuring a versatile and fast service for the customer. Our services are always customer-oriented, according to customer’s wishes. All projects and assignments are done confidentially and reliably. Top Analytica has been involved in developing Finnish top technology to the world.



Legal consulting

In legal processes, scientific evidence of material composition, traces, or potential forgeries is often required. Surface analytics and material studies can provide crucial evidence that may impact the evaluation process.

You can leverage the expertise and experience of our specialists in material studies and surface analytics for legal processes. We ensure that samples presented in court are carefully analyzed, and results are interpreted reliably and impartially.

Please contact us if you are interested in legal consultation.

Device leasing

Have you thought on purchasing a new instrument for your laboratory? Would you like to be confident that the instrument of choice fits for your purposes perfectly?

We all are probably more than once sat in listening a sales pitch being bewildered by the benefits of the latest instrument that the manufacturer can offer. Technology goes rapidly forward but our problems and challenges in manufacturing rarely jumps to such extremes at the same pace as the instrument performance does. More information means higher investments. We have experience from various instruments and can help your company to choose the best one for your purpose.

You can ask consultation and even test some instruments with us before making the procurement decision. It may also be more affordable for you to lease the instrument.

Even better, if your company wish to use an instrument, there is possibility to qualify your own personnel to make the analysis at Top Analytica Ltd. This opportunity suits well with small enterprises that cannot readily afford large investments but require analysis every now then, however, continuously so. Once trained to become instrument operator at Top Analytica Ltd., you have the possibility to reserve the instrument directly from our web page to perform the analysis and save considerable amounts of company cash flow. For example, if you wish to purchase a SEM-EDS instead of using the one that Top Analytica can provide you with, your company needs a qualified person to operate it for at least 2000 hours before it becomes anywhere near reasonable decision. And this doesn’t even take into account the maintenance costs.

We offer the opportunity to lease equipment time and manage the usage of a device through your own operator. Our experts will familiarize you with the device, after which you can reserve the device time according to your own schedule. In trouble situations, the operator can easily ask for help from our experts who already have years of experience in using the equipment and handling various samples.

Please contact us if you are interested in leasing time at our decives.

Device usage network

Through our subcontracting network, we have access to a wide variety of devices. We are in close co-operation with the universities in Turku. The aim is to get the best possible utilization rate for the equipment, which will help all parties both economically and scientifically. It is typical that the expensive device is standing in the corner of the room with low utilization, which means that investing in your own equipment is not always profitable.

Subcontractor hardware: TEM, COM, AFM, XRD, HIM, TG/DT/PT/DSC, Py-GC-MS, ICP-MS/AES

Seminars, courses and other events

We organize our own seminars and trainings related to our research services. Check out our courses here. You can also invite us to your own event.

Event calendar

Tulevat tapahtumat

Previous events:

Microscopy ja microanalytics workshop (March 18-19, 2019)

Top Analytica organized Microscopy ja microanalytics workshop, Turku 26.-27. of Sebtember

Turun Yliopiston yrityspäivät (2017, 2016)

XPS / Multipak – software workshop (2014)

Top Analytica – Laivaseminaari (27.8.2013)


Students and school groups

Organize your own excursion to support university postgraduate studies or bring high school students to do the exercises in a real working lab. The real work environment and the experts together open up young people’s image of laboratory work and give meaning to further postgraduate studies.

Top Analytica is also a great place to ask for potential thesis topics or projects. We work closely with different companies and universities, so a co-operation with a trainee can be very fruitful for everyone.

A functional excursion is suitable for example:

  • Student groups
  • School groups
  • Science camp groups

Thesis work done at Top Analytica:

Pro Gradu – Jere Manni (Turun Yliopisto 2012), Foksusoimattoman ionisuihkun käyttö mikroanalytiikan näytteenkäsittelyssä

Pro Gradu – Casimir Näsi (Åbo Akademi 2018), Identification of asbestos in construction materials 

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