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Broad Ion Beam cutting (BIB)

ionileikkuri laitekuva

Broad Ion Beam cutting is an advanced method for preparing accurate cross section surfaces for a wide variety of materials. These materials can be hard, soft, porous or any combination of those. The cross section is done with the use of an argon ion beam and a titanium mask plate. A sample is attached behind a mask plate so that small part stay above the mask. The ion beam is then directed at the sample so that only the part above the mask is hit by the ions while the mask protects the rest of the sample. A very high quality cross sections is achieved and it can then be analyzed for example with SEM-EDS.


  • Suitable to those materials that are difficult to polish mechanically
  • High quality cross sections
  • Preserves internal structures
  • Does not leave abrasive artefacts on the surface
  • Cracks and voids are not filled with polished material
  • No use of fluids


  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Polymeres
  • Electronics
  • Composites
  • Biomaterials
  • Powders/Particles
  • Ceramics

Further reading and examples

Broad Ion Beam Cross Sectioning (pdf) (833.1 KB)

Pro Gradu – Fokusoimattoman ionisuihkun käyttö mikroanalytiikan näytteenkäsittelyssä – Jere Manni 2012 (pdf) (4.8 MB)

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