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In the steel industry, microanalysis serves as the cornerstone of problem solving, for example, in interpreting corrosion phenomena in chemical reactors and waste incineration sites. In many cases, a neutral material knowledge and analysis of the third party to establish the root causes of the problem. The most heavily used instruments in the corrosion test are SEM-EDS, WDS and XRF. In the preparation of material samples we use ion cutter and resin casting. Using a ion cutter, we get the material interfaces displayed in microscopy in almost their native state.

The adhesion of paints and different coatings to steel and the abrasions in surface structures such as droppings, imperfect adhesion and color defects are essential to control the quality of the product. In case of occasional deviations, microscopy and surface sensitive devices are often the only possible way to find out the source of the problem.

In the construction of building materials it is necessary to understand their aging in different atmospheres. The angle between the liquid and the surface of the material, the so-called contact angle, helps to understand how the surface of the product changes under the influence of climate.

We have over ten years experience in co-operation in product development in metal industry and excellent expertise in corrosion phenomena that we can offer to help our customers solve problems.

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