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Paper industry

In production of paper and board the interests in terms of microscopy and microanalysis are often related to identification of applied chemicals such as glues, pitch control additives, pigments, polymers and stickies. Also, the machinery parts may contain remnants of different oils, such as silicone oils that are often transported effectively from the rubber and plastic to the surface of the product where they disrupt the adhesion even at extremely low dosage. 

Raw material manufacturers may apply different chemical processes in their production and legislation may impose necessary changes in the manufacturing itself, which in turn may cause unwanted effects in the paper and board quality that must be dealt swiftly. Top Analytica Ltd. offers its know-how in microscopy and microanalysis for long term projects in R&D to assess the material properties.

We serve P&P with broad variety of instrumentations. SEM-EDS, ToF-SIMS, Raman, FTIR, ESCA and contact angle measurement device are all valuable depending on the material depth from where the information is searched. With the aid of our excellent subcontractors we can run larger projects for our customers to obtain necessary information for pulp, paper and board. 

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