Research services

Top Analytica's main customer group consists of the entire industry scale. We work together with paper, chemical, electronics, steel and pharmaceutical companies. Our duties include for example clarification of problem situations in production facilities, analysis of product development and quality assurance. We do all the assignments in a confidential and impartial manner. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our services.

We also offer analytics to private operators. As an impartial laboratory, our research service is suitable for example legal disputes.

Typical analytical and preparation methods

  • Quantitative elemental analysis
  • Chemical state analysis
  • Electron microscopy imaging
  • Coating and thin film layer thickness and composition
  • Damage and corrosion analysis
  • Special cross section tools (ion beam)

Target industry groups

test1 Paper industry
test2 Steel industry
test3 Electronics industry
test5 Pharmaceutical industry
test4 Universities