Asbestos analyses

Top Analytica provides fast and reliable asbestos analyses in an unbiased laboratory. We analyze material samples and air quality samples. All analyses are made with an electron microscope by highly educated experts in materials research. We provide a 1 day delivery time for the analysis results. We provide our services whether you are a professional or a private person. Please contact us and ask more

You can also order analyses for other harmfull materials via TopA

Research and analytical services 

With our wide range of analysis equipment and a long experience in materials research we provide high quality research and analytical services for your needs. Our expert team is made of physicists and chemists whom together form a powerful knowledge base for our services. Whether you need surface analysis, micro/nanoimaging tools or chemical analysis we will find the suitable method for your needs. Please contact and let us help you

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Equipment and analytical methods

Top Analytica's laboratory equipment consist of various spectroscopical and microscopical devices. Our methods are suitable for micro and nano imaging, measuring elemental compositions as well as identifying molecular structures and bondings. For sample preparation there are basic laboratory equipment, lots of experience and some special tools for example for making cross sections

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Top Analytica Ltd.

Top Analytica Ltd. is a contract research company that provides analytical and reasearch services for industrial companies and other research facilities. Our equipment is suitable for solving problems for example in process, chemistry, paper and metal industry as well as analyzing material samples from construction branch. Together with our customers we develop surface properties of materials in order to contribute to the customers´ competitiveness. All our assignments are carried out in strict confidence with client participation encouraged. Top Analytica is following the international laboratory quality system IOS/IEC 17025.

Main services of Top Analytica

  • Surface sensitive research and analytical services
  • Asbestos analyses
  • Developing research networking linking companies and universities
  • Consulting

The equipment and methods are suitable for:

  • Adhesion problems; Paints, varnish, polymeres etc.
  • Materials in electronics industry
  • Corrosion problems
  • Coatings and thin films
  • Ceramic powders
  • Fibres and composites

Research and expertise network

  • Equipment leasing
  • Equipment network
  • Consulting
  • Educating
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Co-operations and project working

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