Top Analytica Oy Ab

Top Analytica Oy Ab offers analytical and research services to companies and research institutes. Our devices are suitable for example process, chemistry, paper and metal industries, and asbestos analysis of building materials. By working together with the customer, we can support customer product development and get better products.

Top Analytica's strengths:

  1. Skills and knowlegde
    The highly trained staff of the company is broadly representative of different types of technology and is versatile in controlling the various analytical methods and their applications 
  2. Reliability
    We comply with the ISO 17025 standard
  3. Fast delivery times
    We are able to make the measurements quickly because the analytical methods in use are under the same roof.


The roots of Top Analytica are in the materials research carried out at the Turku University and Åbo Akademi institutes. As a company, Top Analytica Ltd. has been operating since 2001 and has been the site since the beginning of the Old Mill technology property, which is close to universities and has good transport links.

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Summer day 2017


Excursion from University of Turku 2017

2017 yhteiskuva

Personnel 2017

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Musical 2016

Kesäpäivä 2015

Summer day 2015

Pikkujoulu 2015

"pikkujoulut" 2015

Pikkujoulu 2015

"pikkujoulut" 2015

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Top Analytica 10 years (2011)

TopA 10v

Top Analytica 10 years (2011)

TopA 10v

Top Analytica 10 years (2011)

TopA 5v

Top Analytica 5 years (2006)


Heidi and SIMS (2005)

Jyrki ja SIMS

Jyrki and SIMS (2005)