SPEAKERS in alphabetical order


Konstantinos Daskalakis, University of Turku      Improving light-emitting devices by exploiting light-matter interactions
Sari Granroth, University of Turku        XPS - Studying oxides and organic materials using Ar cluster sputtering
Jiang Hua, Aalto University       Advanced TEM techniques and their application in Materials Science
Eija Jokitalo, University of Helsinki     3D-EM with serial block face imaging
Jyrki Juhanoja - Top Analytica     EDS - From micro to nano analysis
Sami Kinnunen, University of Jyväskylä     Helium Ion Microscopy and HIM-SIMS
Risto Korpinen, Luke     Luke and the need for surface Chemistry - Top A customer case
Juho Lehmusto, Åbo Akademi     Complementary characterization of corroded steel samples
Radoslaw Michallik, GTK         Quantified WDS maps – EPMA
Mikko Ritala, University of Helsinki     Atomic Layer Deposition and materials characterization
Ville Saarimaa - Top Analytica       Degradation phenomena of color coated steel in humidity exposure
Turkka Salminen, University of Tampere      Improving materials characterization through correlative microscopy
Alexander Wärnheim, KTH        Practical utilization of nanoIR techniques 
Wolfgang Betz     Applications of imaging TOF-SIMS with fully integrated MS/MS capabilities